Friday, September 12, 2008

Travelin' Update. Return to the van!

Since the last Truck House post, a lot has happened. Shit was getting pretty lazy and strange back in the great state of Pennsylvania. There wasn't much to report van-wise, and I hadn't made any progress with learning new tips for vandwelling. In fact, I think my vandwelling tips are over. My van is not set up beyond how I got it. I converted nothing, unless you count hacking out the back seat and throwing it in a dumpster. I'm definitely using the minimalist approach. Oh: I got a pillow-top mattress topper thing. A girl in Oregon who I met at a bar gave it to me. She also gave me a copy of Don Quixote and a bigger cooking pot. The cooking pot is an 'Emeril' signature series and seems pretty nice. Comes with a lid. I did not need to have sex with this girl to get all this great stuff, though she hinted that that's what she wanted. Am I out of my fucking mind? She was pretty. I'm going to chalk that up to all the red flags that mabye she was a little unbalanced and I didn't need to start any kind of sexual relationship with her. Or maybe I'm out of my mind and I'm afraid of sex.

In any case, I don't know who's reading up on this blog here - but this is my update. Shit got lazy and strange, as I said, then I went on a one-month bicycle trip traveling from Philly up through Maine, and then bicycling and hitchhiking in Quebec. I spent 100% of my money. It was one of the most fantastic experiences in my life so far.

Shit got almost instantly strange when I returned to Pennsylvania. I felt uneasy and anxious, and left for Oregon a few days later, putting all the gas on a credit card. I was headed to Eugene to try my best at getting a job with a bicycle manufaturer there that I highly respect. I had the credentials, but they had another candidate who got the job. I headed south to Ashland, got all fucked up and lost my credit card, and got pretty hungry and uneasy until I got this job as a dishwasher that feeds me and gives me a little bit of tip-out cash whenever I work.

Next, I'm going to work this year's sugar beet harvest in North Dakota, then head back to Pennsylvania to see if that state continues to give me a fucking constant heart attack. I seriously think this entire wacky Oregon adventure is going to break even after the sugar beets. To me, that's just golden-hilarious.