Sunday, February 10, 2008

7:21pm - the blog that's updated every day.

If you heard about this blog on the radio, or in the paper you might want to look at my other blog that actually gets updated every day. It has plenty of little snapshots of what it's like for me to live in a van. I write down what I'm doing at 7:21pm - I have the alarm on my watch set. The Truck House blog has detailed specific information about my van. My van doesn't change every day, so it doesn't warrant a blog update all the time. But 7:21 keeps rolling around, so if you check that blog or click up an RSS feed, you'll get a slice of my life every day. Slice of life like a slice of pie. Delicious slice of life. Actually, just read the hobostripper blog. She's more interesting 'cause she moves around and writes almost every day. I follow her blog like nobody's business. Both of those blogs are linked over to the right. And also here:


notswift said...

Greetings Chris.. not sure just how i ended up listening to a radio station outa PA somewheres (im in Oh!) yesterday .. i think the local station was fuzzing out? The guys talkin were tellin about some guy living in a truck who was posting his adventure in the Keys.
Great job! thanks for sharing.. ive been full-timing for nearly five years.. love the lifestyle!
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thanx for blogging... jef

Steve said...

Yo. To point out something a bit misleading. The link in your post is not the correct link for your site. The one on the side (under topical shit) is. I can't stand the mistakes. They sneak up on ya. :)

Carrot said...

LOL Thanks!

- Tara (of HoboStripper)